Saturday, April 16, 2011

All things Roman, and name lists

A few more sources of varied provenance on ancient myth:

Of course, Theoi.

Prof. Peter Meineck's lectures on Roman Myth

Societas Via Romana - A social site for enthusiasts with forums.

Nova Roma - a site for those truly dedicated to Roma.

A little while back I was asking about the name "Aglauros." Peter D'Epiro mentioned in an email that Robert Graves, author of The White Goddess, believed it means "dewfall." This is indeed how the name is defined in several places, (though one source believes it meant "dweller on tilled land."). Aglauros was also apparently an epithet for Athena, although she preceded Athena as a divinity of the polis of Athens (more here).

Anyway, googling turned up a few sources for the names and epithets of the Gods:

Moonspeaker has large lists of names with translations, listed under the major goddesses:

Artemis Hera

Athena Aphrodite

Another list of names with translations is here.

Graves's great book on myth:

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