Monday, August 8, 2011

one eye like a dolphin...

Reading this piece entitled On Reverie by Raphael Enthoven, it was difficult not to be reminded of Ovid's Metamorphoses. A few snippets:

reverie is contemplation’s prehistory, the education of the gaze by the eyes of the soul.
Suddenly, the world before concepts.
Daughter of consciousness and sleep, reverie blends their realms.
The dreamer, unlike the sleepwalker whose consciousness lies fallow, has his head on his shoulders as he meanders on; he’s a daywalker who sleeps with only one eye like a dolphin, drowsy enough to see the unseeable but awake enough to mumble what he has glimpsed.


reverie strips the world of its utility. It borrows the power of narration from wakefulness and the power of divination from sleep, and keeps them vying to suspend the alternation of day and night. Reverie is how one arrives at immediacy.

The whole of the brief piece is here. I'll be curious whether you also get an Ovidian "vibe."

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