Thursday, September 8, 2011

D'Epiro, Calvino, Barth, Ovid

Some will recall meeting Peter D'Epiro in July. He emailed these notes re recent postings on this blog. After a few nice words about our efforts, he mentioned two books that might be of interest:

I came across a neat 10-page essay by Calvino in his book Why Read the Classics? It's called "Ovid and Universal Contiguity" and explores some of the reasons the material is grouped the way it is and how he varies the rhythm of his narrative with various patterns and POV devices. It might be worth a look if you can get the book in your libe.
As for the Graiai, Janet and I heard John Barth read at Queens College from his book Chimera when it was published in 1972. He read (brilliantly) from the tale called "Perseid" (a novella)--the scene in which Perseus confronts the sisters and the sleight of hand that takes place with the eye, the tooth, etc. There's also a "Bellerophoniad" in the same book. Might also be worth a look.

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