Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ovid's birthday celebrated in Sarasota

David Raeburn of Oxford and New College being introduced by Georgia of Bookstore 1. The reading from his translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses proved most enjoyable, as he's a terrific reader.

Afterward, our group celebrated Ovid's 2055th with a toast, composed and delivered by our own incomparable Lola Laubheim:

Let's have a toast 
To Ovid's ghost 
He's MMLV 
And now he's only history. 

But not to you 
And not to me. 
So meet us at 
Gulf Gate Library.

[Add:] David Raeburn is a wonderful reader, and his rendering of Ovid lends itself to a sonorous and dramatic fullness of tale and telling. From book 1, he read Ovid's story of the beginning of things, and then his fine version of Apollo and Daphne. He next turned to the powerful description of the plague on Aegina, then to Narcissus and Echo, and last to Pygmalion. What a wonderful Audiobook he could make!

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